BROKEN – by Gazelle (Chapter 1 & 2)


Leslie just sat at her corridor staring blankly at the sky, her mind was far away from her body. She had an argument with her boyfriend John and it got things really heated, this time she wasn’t sure what John was going to do to her.


Leslie had arrived at her boyfriend’s house which was about an hours drive from her family home, her parents had been away on a business trip besides, her mother worked outside the capital (Abuja) so she was barely around. Her dad worked within the capital but had travelled on a very important one-week business trip. Belle decided to take a short trip to spend a few days with her boyfriend. It was a perfect time, besides, her younger brother who would have gotten her busted was in school, he was in JSS2 and was in a boarding house. He was 13years old while Leslie was 16years. It had been a year since she finished secondary school but wasn’t able to secure admission at least she was still waiting.
Leslie’s parents, Mr and Mrs Zaki weren’t so buoyant they were a definition of a comfortable family. They had enough and had managed to give their children all they could afford. One wouldn’t particularly call this family wealthy but still couldn’t call them poor, in fact, they were very far from poor.
Leslie cleaned up the house that Sunday evening, putting everywhere in order so she wouldn’t have so much dirt to deal with when she returns and as soon as her father left the house to catch the night bus to Lagos she quickly packed a few stuff together and left to spend a few days with her boyfriend.
Leslie wasn’t particularly 100% decent but she wasn’t indecent either. She was the kinda girl who accurately struck a balance and could control her circular and spiritual life properly.
Leslie had taken a bike from their family house at Karu site to the popular Karu bridge then boarded a bus to Apo round-about. When she got there she was able to get a tricycle that took her to prince and princess estate where her boyfriend John lived. Leslie arrived at John’s house at about 7.45pm. It was a two bedroom flat in which he stayed alone. John was a kinda person one could call a typical hustler in the Nigerian sense he was 27years old but was already standing on his feet. With support from his dad he was able to start really early and long before he graduated from the University he had made quite a mark for himself especially at his age, he had acquired properties and presently owned his own company which was basically into building designing and building proper. He also had a computer programming business he was trying to work on; so basically he was capable.


As Leslie got to his door, she knocked and waited ten seconds but there was no reply. She knocked again and this time louder then she heard his footsteps walking towards the door about thirty seconds later she was staring at John. She was a little shy though but couldn’t help the feeling.
“Hey, good evening”, she murmured then he flashed some amusing set of white straight teeth at her grinning from ear to ear, welcome he managed to say after what felt like forever to Leslie.
Then he helped her with her bag and as they walked into the house together he queried jokingly. “Madam you were supposed to call me as soon as you got to the roundabout so I could pick you up, you’re supposed to be uptight about your security you can’t be trusting all those aboki tricycle people”. But I’m fine ogah Leslie replied jokingly too. They had gotten to the bedroom already by that time John had dropped her bag in the wardrobe and returned to the bed where she sat. “I missed you babe feels like forever”, he said and kissed her lightly on the forehead. Missed you too Leslie managed to reply very shyly. Leslie didn’t want to dwell on all those lovey stuff at that time so she quickly changed the topic. Busy bee as she often called John, is there any food in the kitchen? I’m starving.
Uhmmmm, babe, I’m really sorry I couldn’t cook was working on a design I have to finish before Wednesday. I was waiting for you so we could grab some tiny bites out when you arrive then we could think of cooking tomorrow, John replied apologetically.
So what now? Leslie asked
How about you change into something light the heat is unbearable then we could check something we could eat together.
Leslie realized she needed a change of clothes she was wearing a black body con gown it wasn’t so thick but it wasn’t fit for the occasion, something casual would do. Leslie was quite pretty and owned a lovely physique her broad hips, large butts not so large but quite appropriate for her size her tiny waist and full round breast made up for whatever excuse anyone would have not to call her beautiful by looking at her face. She had complete heart-shaped lips with confident edges, deep dark eyes and a dark brown hair she often preferred fixing her hair to braiding because her hair edges weren’t one she could be proud of. Leslie had an amazing pair of legs they weren’t completely straight but they were just the right size and stood at the right points with her glowing brown skin she looked like some kinda sculptured art. Leslie mostly preferred wearing body-con gowns because it made her physique more pronounced besides she enjoyed the second glance she got from onlookers whenever she was out in public.
Leslie finally decided to put on a pair of black shorts it was a little tight and a pink crop top, enough to give away a tiny glance of her flat tummy and impeccable belly button.
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Mantex – Money (Prod. Joe Dee)

Mantex releases his first song of the year title money. Produced by Joe Dee himself

Listen and share your thoughts

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Beyond African Time (by David E. Abah)

African as a continent is full of surprises. The people, wildlife, landscape and the continents perception about life portray her as a continent with a different understanding of time.
Whenever African time is mentioned, what quickly comes to one’s mind is a simple lack of punctuality as this seems to be peculiar to Africa. Some school of thought have often attributed the continued underdevelopment of Africa & Nigeria in particular to the attitude to time & lateness to any function. Be it social, political  or religious gathering usually accepted & explained often as  “African time”.
 I can distinctly recollect in October 2007, Ivorian campaign against African time upheld by Laurent Gbagbo received global media attention, commendation & accolades. The campaign with the caption “punctuality night” was held in Abidjan to recognise and acknowledge business men & women, public servants etc who keep to time in Ivory Coast.
In Nigeria, I can still recall how late professor Dora Akunyili audaciously launched a campaign against “African time” in her capacity as a minister. Punctuality is not peculiar to race, continent or country, therefore the expression “African time” is untenable & amounts to an insult on Africa.
There is a popular adage that says, “punctuality is the sole of business”. The adage highlights the importance of punctuality in the public & private sectors of the nation. As youths & today’s leaders it is high time to ride beyond African time & embrace punctuality, which is capable of bringing social, political, economic & moral development to us.
Punctuality is therefore very essential to everyone one of us who believe in order & discipline. Being a punctual person gives you the societal status of a responsible personality.  In fact, a punctual person will be at the right place  at the right time

Why You Must Be More Patient (by David E. Abah)

Impatience has been around for a long time, there is nothing new about people losing their patience while stuck in traffic or a waiting line. In recent years many folks are less patient as a result of technology.
Digital technology ranging from cell phones to cameras to email to iPads which is now changing our lives.
The instant result we get from this technology have in turn increased our appetite for instant gratification in other aspects of our lives. When we take a look around us today, we will discover that we’ve developed an immediate gratification culture & we expect things to move quickly, efficiently & in the way we want. When it doesn’t happen, we tend to become increasingly frustrated & irritable of impatience.
You will probably agree that the more patient you are the more likely you are to enjoy better health, make better decisions & have good friends. Let’s consider the following points on how to be more patient.
  1. Identify the causes: The things or situations that make you impatient have been called impatient triggers. The question is what triggers your impatience? Are there specific individuals who try your patience? For instance are you likely to lose your patience when you have to wait for others or when you are running late? How can merely identifying your patience trigger help?
    There is the saying that sensible people forsee trouble & hide from it. But gullible people go ahead & suffer the consequence. There is a saying that says “if you anticipate or foresee your bouts of impatience, you may be able to prevent them”. At first, you may have to make calculated efforts to be more patient, but in time ‘patience’ can become a quality that comes naturally to you.
  2. Simplify your life: The brain cannot concentrate on several things, overtime, multitasking erodes our ability to stay focused & this eventually eats away at traits like patience, tenacity/judgement & problem-solving. So slow down and smell the roses.
    As an old proverb says, “make time to enjoy life”. Make time to ascertain a deep friendship with a couple of individuals, rather than pursuing a shallow friendship with a huge network of people. Budget your time & set your priorities wisely.
    In other to simplify your life, you may need to look at your daily routine where you can slow down or cut down. Remember the saying that for everything there is an appointed time; maybe this is the time to eliminate some things so you are not too busy to be patient.
  3. Be realistic: Have a realistic view of life. First of all, in reality, things don’t continuously happen as quick as we have a tendency to want. Accept the facts that time moves at the speed of time & not at the speed of your expectation, that is patience…Secondly, remember that you cannot always control your circumstances. Instead of losing your patience over circumstances that are beyond your control, try to identify things that you can dominate.
    If wailing is the only option, use the time to do something productive, such as doing some meaningful reading or writing down your plans for future activities.
The reality of life is that it does little good to worry over things that you cannot control, finally, you can be more patient when you develop a spiritual life. A God-fearing person is more inclined to display patience, along with other important virtues such as love, joy, peace, gentleness & self-control

FORTITUDE (by Akase Mimi)

You had a perfect life, everything was moving exactly the way you wanted, you make plans and try to achieve them.
Every day had it’s routine different from others you had those little things you loved doing, nice places you enjoyed going and those favourite people you always hang out with. Then one day, life hits you so hard, it changed every damn thing you know and replaced them with unfamiliar ones, it changed your routine into many strange ones, it turns into someone entirely different, it takes you someplace you’ve never been and even your favourite people gradually disappear.
You cry every day and wish you were someone else, you hope things will come back to normal soon, days turn to weeks, weeks to months and before you know it’s a year and counting. You become a human traffic accident that everyone is slowing down to see the damage. You lose so many things, your dreams now seem out of reach, those voices in your head keep telling you it’s over, there’s no hope, no progress, no change.
Don’t listen to them, look back at your life and say “I’m a survivor, I survived where others couldn’t.”
Think about this “Why didn’t you die that day?” Simple, life is preparing you for something great and decides to attach a story behind you. Life is truly difficult and pain is one thing we humans can’t outrun there’s always more after the last. Life throws everything hard at you, when it does, catch it mould it into HOPE and throw it back, fight back, prove that you have the ability to win in any situation.
As long as you have breath in you there’s hope. Things will not go back to how it was before, it will change to what you never imagined, in a good way of course if not why did you even go through all of that. You’ll be fine, you’ll be alright no matter how long it takes you’ll get through, and when you finally do you’ll smile and tell someone “I did it” so don’t you dare give up.

The 2019 Election Postponement & The Different Shades of Grey

I detest the pretence & academic mannerism that greeted the INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission) chairman’s statement during the live interactive session at the National Conference Centre.
Some of the party actors while addressing the INEC chairman were very economical with the truth and the INEC chairman couldn’t even bring himself down to apologise officially to Nigerians. If nobody will say it I will say that Professor Mahmud led INEC is incompetent, they deserve to be stoned by Nigerians for waning our enthusiasm, waisting national time & resources, taking Nigerians for granted, technically creating voter apartheid & making Nigeria a laughing stock to the entire world. INEC has succeeded in providing a fertile ground for suspicion, conjectures & speculation. If INEC can deny party candidate because they couldn’t meet up with deadlines then it should also be held liable for doing the same.
Can we ever be serious in Nigeria for once? We had 4 yrs to prepare for this; at no time did INEC conduct a mock exercise to measure & surmount logistics challenges
Do u know how many people have travelled long distances to come back Monday and continue their hustle? who compensates them 4 their loss? Yet we don’t want Nigerians to sell their votes
Physiologically many people will lose enthusiasm & vigour and such will not vote next week. This decision implies that campaign continues, candidates & political parties now need to continue their jingles, mobilization & contracts; extra cost – so who bears all this cost?
Do they know the cost of this on the economy? Many business people were docile because no one expected postponement.
Some people have long fixed their wedding, birthday, launching & other engagements for 23rd Saturday who will refund their logistics expenditures? What about foreign observers & media team who are already on ground who will bear their cost?
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Larry Gaaga ft. 2Baba – Iworiwo [AUDIO + VIDEO]

Gaaga Musik boss, Larry Gaaga wastes no time to release the official music video for his latest single dubbed ‘Iworiwo’ featuring Hypertek Digital Boss, 2Baba.

The video was directed by Tilt Production and was produced by Marvio, mixed and mastered by Tee-Y Mix.

[download id=”18934″]



DJ PlentySongz – Best Of Falz

DJ PlentySongz returns with another unusual Mixtape titled “Best Of Falz”.

This Mixtape is a complication Falz featured songs and singles over the years. If you love good music then u gonna need this on your playlist.

1. Falz – Clap
2. Falz – Badh Baddo Baddest
3. Falz – Johnny
4. Falz – Buy The Bar
5. Falz – Alright
6. Falz – Sweet Boys
7. falz – Amen
8. Falz – Bad Gang
9. Falz – Karashika
10. Falz – A’int Gat No Time
11. Falz – Bumpa
12. Falz – Talk
13. Falz – Hypocrite
14. Falz – Faize yi
15. Falz – Biggy man
16. Falz – Jeje
17. Falz – Baby Boy
18. FAlz – Soft work
19. Falz – Celebrity Girlfriend
20. Falz – La Fe
21. Falz – Detty Yusef
22. Falz – Condom
23. Falz – Foreign
24. Falz – Wehdone Sir
25. Falz – Somethin Light
26. Falz – Daddy
27. Falz – Shayo
28. Falz – Chemistry
29. Falz – This Is Nigeria
30. Falz – Caro
31. Falz – Lekki
32. Falz – The Way
33. Falz – Zzz
34. Falz – Single And Searching
35. Falz – My Money
36. Falz – Le vrai Bad Guy
37. Falz – Next


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Yxng $parkz – Surprise Shock (Freestyle)

Get the groove off the surprise shock freestyle by Yxng $parkz. Produced by Arthur; Mixed & Mastered by Otarzo OntheBeat
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Noopsy – Chale (Prod. 2flexin & Symkinqz || M&M. Deece)

DopeArena Fan Of The Year 2018 is out with a dazzling hit tagged “Chale” to launch the year. This is followed by his birthday which he celebrated yesterday