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BROKEN – by Gazelle (Chapter 7 & 8)


Leslie was caught between anger and hurt, she couldn’t tell which she felt in particular. How could John do this to her? He never did sound like a ladies man or a man into the relationship thingy. John always acted like he wasn’t the kinda man who would chase ladies, he felt more like a man who had everything figured out and had better things to with his time other than flirt or even date.
Leslie felt betrayed and hurt, she had lied to her parents, deceived them and done a lot of things because she loved John but that day she felt really sorry for herself, she was sorry that she had wasted her emotions on the wrong person, she was sorry she had trusted the wrong person, she was sorry for the wrong things she did thinking they were for the right reasons and the right person.
In a week Leslie’s love life had been bashed really hard, but for a 16years old there were more years to go, more years to find the love she just wasn’t sure what she’d do with or to John.
At 9 pm Leslie was thinking if she should call John again, she just wanted to hear from his mouth, she wanted to hear for herself and know for herself what it really was with him. Deep down in her heart, Leslie was hoping it would turn out that it was a lie and that she actually dialled the wrong number. Leslie was hoping that it was a prank and nothing more, but whether or not it was a prank would depend on John.
Leslie picked up her phone and dialled John’s number at some point while it still rang she felt it was a bad idea and just when she was gonna end the call he picked up and then she heard his voice from the other end.

John: Leslie you finally called, would it really take forever to have you listen to my sorry
Leslie: (totally ignoring what John said) good evening, how are you doing?
John: I’m good, hope you feel better
Leslie: such a nice way of asking if the slap still hurts
John: Leslie we are not going to be doing this right now are we?
Leslie: no we won’t especially as you should have just finished having a great time with your girlfriend, I wouldn’t want to spoil the mood…
John: Leslie what’s wrong with you?
Leslie: oh darling nothing, you see I’m totally fine I wanna be sure I’m not interrupting, I’d hate to be a third party, plus I just really wanted to know how you were doing.
John: Leslie…
Leslie: John dear, I understand perfectly well okay enjoy yourself and don’t leave any part out. Leslie quickly ended the call.

Damn! what was I thinking? I wasn’t sure how long Leslie would be gone I only needed Kemi to fill the void and in less than 24 hours the devil has made sure to ruin my plans John muttered to himself.
Kemi!!! John screamed loudly. Ayomi why are you screaming so loudly she answered as she walked towards the bedroom from the parlour seductively. (Ayo a short form of John’s surname Ayobami. Kemi added mi which generally means my in Yoruba to Ayo which means joy and called John Ayomi simply put ‘my joy’)
John: why did you call Leslie and what did you tell her
Kemi: first of all Mr I didn’t call Leslie and secondly I made it clear to her when she called that my man was busy and that we had an already mapped out plan for the day so she shouldn’t interrupt.
John was shocked to the bones, but he knew very well that Kemi wasn’t Leslie and that he couldn’t toy with her as he could to Leslie.

After the call Leslie fell to her bed and thanks to NEPA there was light, she cried her heart out she was trying to be strong and even had a mouthful to give John but deep down she was bitter and hurt. How could she be gone for a few hours and John had someone over already feeling her place. Come on she knew she had nothing to offer John, he had all the money, the looks, the attention, the everything sometimes she felt like an additional trophy but even trophies were treated better than he had treated her recently.
Leslie cried so much an eventually slept off.

Kemi and John at the other ends had a series of heated argument and John who had given up on having a decent conversation with Kemi had climbed the bed to sleep. Feeling the hurt and anger in John, Kemi felt it was the right time to do what she had in mind.

Kemi crawled beside John and started letting out tiny sobs trying to play the victim. At first, John was not moved but when he turned to face her he realized Kemi was really crying. At this point, John was really confused and didn’t know what to do or not to do he scooped her up like a baby and tried consoling her.
Kemi was happy all she needed to do was play her script carefully and then soon she’d have John going down on her.


After trying to console Kemi for about 30minutes and engaging her in some really emotional talk John was getting drawn to Kemi, he wasn’t sure why but he felt so much pity for her, he felt like Kemi had been emotionally abused and like a newborn, she needed protection and comforting.
Kemi noticed how John’s look had softened towards her. He stared at her like he was ready to keep her safe from all harm, she knew she had played her script well and it wouldn’t be long before John would want a taste of her, she knew he was fighting the urge she had purposely worn a light nightgown that left bare traces of her nipples, the large size of her round full breast could be seen and the hardness of her nipples pushing through the light material as if screaming “suck me” were getting really difficult for John to resist.
John could feel blood rush all over his body damn, those nipples were divine he couldn’t resist them no matter how hard he tried and as soon as he noticed Kemi shutting her eyes to sleep he touched them carefully. Firstly as if he had brushed them mistakenly but when he noticed Kemi didn’t move or react he led his fingers there as if some god had possessed him.
Kemi was so happy, she was good at her game, she was purposely pretending like she was asleep but she was enjoying the tiny caresses John was giving her, she was letting him move at his own pace…
Gradually she felt John put her down to bed and turn off the lights. About 50seconds later she felt John return to bed and took her lips in his roughly while his hands worked on both her nipples.

As soon as Kemi felt John’s kisses, she stared back awake pretendingly and kissed him back. Gradually she felt John move his lips to one of her nipples sucking, licking, teasing… While he used his fingers on the other nipple squeezing lightly and teasing. F*** she moved her hands all over his body knowing if she didn’t find a part of him to pour in the pleasure that had filled her head she would explode. Kemi moved down and felt the full length of John’s growing shaft, down there he was as stiff, hard and big. She couldn’t hold in the excitement anymore she gave out a loud moan.

John boiled hotter from the sound of Kemi’s loud moaning he moved his right hand in between her upper thighs, he could feel the growing heat and wetness there gradually he led his index finger into her. At once his finger was covered with a warm vapour damn he couldn’t hold it in anymore in one swift attempt he moved in between Kemi’s legs and led his thick hard rod into her warm wetness.
Kemi felt satisfied, she had gotten what she wanted. By making out with John she had gotten back at her boyfriend for cheating on her.

The next morning as soon John woke up Leslie was all on his mind. He quietly left the bed and went to the other bedroom as soon as he locked the door he dialled Leslie’s number.
Leslie was still asleep when her phone rang without checking who the caller was she picked up.

Leslie: hello good morning
John: babe good morning, please don’t hang up just listen to me, please
Leslie: John?
John: Leslie can you get dressed I’ll pick you up, I’ll take the day off work. I won’t be with my phone babe just us. We need to talk
Leslie: alright

Leslie replied quickly and hung up.
Kemi was awake by the time John returned to the room. They exchanged good mornings avoiding each other’s face. About an hour later they both had taken their baths and were ready to leave.
John merely drove Kemi to Apo roundabout and dropped her off where he was sure she could figure out her route obviously what happened the night before was a mirage and not real.

As soon as John dropped Kemi he increased pressure on his accelerator, he couldn’t wait to see Leslie. As he drove, he wasn’t sure he was gonna tell Leslie about last night, he couldn’t stand seeing her hurt because of his foolishness and ego.
All he wanted there and then was a touch of her innocence and purity. As if having Leslie would cleanse off his dirt and mistakes.
As soon as John got to the Karu flyover bridge he dialled Leslie’s number.
As soon as Leslie saw the call, she knew John was waiting at the bridge she quickly got a bike to the meet up with him.
About 12minutes later she called John, hey! Where are you I just dropped from the bike now?
I’m parked right where you get bikes to Karu and cabs into town or down Nyanya to Masaka axis John replied.
Few steps down the bridge Leslie noticed the black Mercedes Benz parked, she walked calmly to the passenger front door opened it, and sat.
John was gonna say something but as soon as he called her name Leslie, Leslie started crying it’s been just two days John, two days and look how more than half of everything we’ve built together has been ruined…

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